Allux Grundform Villa

A mailbox that welcomes you

Projections and overhangs form the characteristic shape that protects the post optimally against rain and snow. The door is fitted with a Ruko lock, and the mailbox has a New Year fuse that is hidden and locks the letter insert. The post is easily and quickly retrieved in the large, spacious inner box, which is ventilated and ensures that condensation water is discharged. Allux Grundform in a timeless design, comes in several different materials and colors.


Design by:

Designer Michael Stabell and architect Bent Ulrik Jensen

Varenr.: F47380

Varenr: F47380

Color: White

Lockable letterbox: Ja


Height: 440 mm.

Width: 345 mm.

Depth: 180 mm.


Height: 39 mm.

Width: 320 mm.

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